Complacency is not Freedom

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The story of William Tyree is as important as the “Midnight ride of Paul Revere”. In 1776 the founding fathers were at war with tyranny and oppression. Two hundred forty five years later we still are at war with tyranny and depresion. The colonists alleged that abuse of government power was the main reason causing the split from England. Only now the tyranny and oppression are more subtle and covert.than they were during the Revolutionary War. Today we are under attack by many different enemies.

The United States was once a beacon guiding other nations, and now we have become a corrupt bloated beauracracy attempting to impose our will on other nations to the point of sacrificing our childrens lives and futures. It is no secret that America has been in a moral decline since 1960. An era when the standards of moralitry expressed in our laws and customs began to be relaxed, abandoned or judicially overruled. “We the People…” These words begin the preamble to the Constitution of the United States. These words indicate that our country was founded by the people, and for the people.

Over the last half of the last century and even continuing today the federal government has ignored the Constitution and stolen the power from the states and the people. When these corrupt officials can’t impose their will on America because of the Constition with its checks and balances they get the President to sign an Executive Order there by subverting the will of the people. After World War II ended the powers that be decided Communism was the next great threat against the American way of life. To combat the “Red Threat” the Central Intelligence Agancy aka C.I.A. was given cart blanche under the guise of national security. We the people got our first glimpse of this deceit when the Pentagon Papers were leaked. This event eventually led to the Watergate Scandal and President Nixon lying to all of us on television. The CIA has been instrumental in overthrowing foreign governments, manipulation, profiteering, human trafficking, drug smuggling, assasinations, arms trading and psychological experimentation. Not to mention collussion with organized crime. All of which have weakened a nation and continues to bring us to the brink of ruin.

In 1996, William Tyree filed a law suit in Federal Court against the C.I.A. which has been heralded as a litigatory masterpiece. The lawsuit first questions the legality of Executive Orders. According to the suit certain Executive Orders allowed the C.I.A. to farm out its drug smuggling, assasinations and covert operations to third party criminal contractors, thereby allowing the agency a form of plausible deniability if these actions were to come to the public light. Through first hand knowledge and affadavits from reliable sources he establishes that the United States Government was involved in a far reaching conspiracy that centered around drug smuggling, money laundering, murder and coverups. The lawsuit further ties in Tyrees false imprisonment to the theft of his wife Elaines diaries which contained evidence that would have exonherated him at trial.

In the early 1970’s the C.I.A. began to smuggle cocaine from Latin America into the United States. The profits would be used to fund anti communist operations in the area, since the U.S. Congress had cut off funding for these general activities in that area. There were also certain individuals in positions of power at the C.I.A. who believed that African Americans were respondible for the decline of American Culture due to their increased birth rate. Many within the agency felt that physical slavery could be replaced with pharmaceutical slavery. From 1982 to 1986 the crack cocaine epedemic exploded within communities of color, and had far reaching implications not only in terms of loss of life, destruction of the family structure and economic power that continue to this day. All this devastation within these communities eventually spreads to the suburbs and helps to establish an industry based on addiction. This economy centers around rehabilitation centers, methadone clinics, sober houses, increased police jobs, increased jobs within the court system as well as in the correctional departments. This new industry based on addiction, incarceration and recovery helps the C.I.A further control the population.

So as we celebrate our Independence this July 4th. We must remember complacency is not freedom. Freedom only remains when we remain watchful and vigilent

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