William J. Craig has been asked to lecture by the US Naval War College and the Boston Public Library to mention just a few of these prestigious institutions. He has recently been a guest on Darkness Radios True Crime Tuesday discussing his most recent book “All along the Watchtower, Murder at Fort Devens”. He has also worked closely with television writers from NBC and Netflix in a technical advisor capacity and is currently working on several television and movie scripts.

Fort Devens pictorial history published by Arcadia Press. Documents the history and construction of the Post from conception to closure.

Historical account of a Fletcher Class Destroyer built during WWII. Through first hand accounts discover what life was like onboard for these sailors. Follows the ships history through decommission and its second life as a maritime museum at Charlestown Navy Yard.

The story of the humble beginnings of the longest running baseball franchise in Major League Baseball. Follow the team through the deadball era right up until they moved to Miliwaukee at the end of the 1952 seadson. Here from some of the players as they recount their time in Boston, and a bygone era of Americas past time.

“This is a book that will keep you guessing. I hated to see it end”

Amazon review for “All along the Watchtower”

“My dad received a purple heart for injuries during the second kamikaze attack on the Cassin Young. He would never discuss his time aboard this ship or anything about the war. He died in 2003, taking all his stories with him. I was thrilled to find this book telling what his life was like aboard this ship for 3 years during WWII. Even though so much of it brought me to tears, the information and stories here helped me to a better understanding of who my dad was and brought me a new respect for this father who was rarely there.”

Amazon review of USS Cassin Young

 “A History of the Boston Braves” is a very pleasant tale of, as the cover states, “a time gone by”. – Amazon review of “Boston Btaves”

“This brought back lots,of memories from the times we lived there,and also I enjoyed reading about the history of the fort.Its too bad they decommissioned it” – Amazon review of “Fort Devens”